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How did the first Christians worship?

Each of us is connected to every other human that has ever lived. We share a common biology, creator and experience that deeply bonds us in solidarity with one another.

Likewise, one of the neat things about being a Christian is our unique connection with all of the other Christians who have ever lived. We share a common relationship — one that bridges time and space, life and death — with the same Divine Person: Jesus.

And this connectedness has been made most practically tangible for us and been passed down to us by way of that most familiar of historical conduits: Tradition. And, in particular, the Tradition of Jesus’ and His Apostles.

That’s why it is so comforting to look back at what the first Christians did to practice their faith and to find the familiar Mass our family is blessed to participate in every Sunday. It’s quite the connection indeed, and it’s amazing to think about the billions of folks who have done this very same thing for 2000 years and will continue to do so until the end.

The following video recounts a letter from St. Justin Martyr to the Emperor Antoninus Pius in 155 AD explaining what Christians back then (only a generation or two after the Apostles) did to worship. Cool stuff.

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