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The most meaningful, profound adventures of your life are hiding in plain sight

What if I told you that the most meaningful, profound adventures of your life were hiding in plain sight? That many of your deepest human longings will not be satisfied by the infinite possibilities of the wide world, but rather through the narrowness of the next door over. Jesus knew this. That’s why he gave us the second greatest commandment:…

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This is what it feels like

Moms and dads often struggle with their roles as parents. Will I ever be good enough? Am I up to the challenge? How can I possibly withstand the immeasurable weight that is the blind confidence of an innocent, little child? We see other mothers and fathers, perhaps our own, and wonder how we’ll ever be that good at it. How…

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How to deal with darkness

We often chase darkness around our lives as if it were a something. We try to chip away at it like it’s a boulder. But it’s not a boulder, it’s a hole. And chipping away at holes is no way to get rid of them. Instead, think of the sin and darkness in your life as a hole – something…

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