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This is in God’s plan for you today

God has a very specific plan for your day today. A plan that will give Him glory and bring you closer to perfection.

His plan for you includes all of the time and resources for everything he wants you to do today. So stop worrying about things outside of your control.

It also includes time for all of the setbacks you will encounter. So don’t get discouraged when they occur.

His plan for you includes time for rest. So rest.

Most importantly, it includes time with Him. It includes time for prayer. So don’t miss your time to pray. No matter how busy you are, you’ve been given precisely enough time for prayer today. So pray.

If you get to the end of the day and say, “I didn’t have time to pray today,” it will be a lie. The truth will have been that you chose to do something else instead which was nowhere near as important. Pray.

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