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Proving God exists

We could talk about philosophical “proofs” for the existence of God (of which there are many good ones). Or we could study the overwhelming evidence and logic that Jesus Christ was a real, historical person who is who he claimed to be (i.e. God). Or the scientific evidence for miracles. Or the compelling lives of the Saints. Or the surprising…

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Made to Choose

Animals, at least non-human ones, don’t really make free choices. They simply react according to their instinct. They are not free to reason and choose differently. There is no moral dimension of what an animal “should” do. They just do. Humans, on the other hand, are a different kind of animal. We have and make free choices. By our very…

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Perseverance, not Perfection

“From now on, everything’s going to be different.” How many times have we told ourselves something like this in the past? Maybe after a retreat. The death of a loved one. A great book or movie. We all have such moments of clarity in life, but they are fleeting. We wake up the next day and we forget. Life keeps…

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The Radical Life is Not

In an age marked by so-called religious “radicals” who use violence in the name of God, it’s important that nobody misunderstands me when I talk about The Radical Life. The Radical Life is not violent. Let’s be clear. There is nothing really all that radical about using violence and fear to achieve an end. It’s completely unoriginal. The oldest and cheapest…

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