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Francis’ Cup O’ Tea

An argument rages in the living room. Passions and tempers are high. An elderly man sits calmly in the corner, patiently listening to the tense debate. The issue is one of deepest concern to him. The argument is one he’s repeatedly participated in throughout his long life. But he knows that what is needed most right now is not, in…

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It’s My Fault

Being a father is a radical responsibility. One that’s been neutered of its uniqueness and weight and reduced to a mere luxury of the human economy. Well, we may have produced an economy of hard working men (and women), but we’ve also enabled a generation of slacker dads. Even the “good dads” are slackers. And I’m intent on not being…

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The minimum requirement

As I get older, I find myself becoming more and more of a minimalist. I want less stuff. I want less distractions. I want less good things in my life in order to make more room for the best things in life. I’m becoming a big fan of that kind of minimalism.  But minimalism can also be bad. Like when…

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Before the first skirmish

We all want to be productive. That is, we want to feel like our day was well-spent. That it was meaningful. But this rarely happens by accident. Waking up on purpose and winning the first skirmish is the key beginning to a well-spent day. But winning that first skirmish begins the night before — with bedtime. I feel silly even…

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The first skirmish

I love sleeping in. There’s something beautiful and peaceful about waking up slowly. The natural light and sounds of the morning gently tugging on my consciousness as I gradually reawaken to that warm realization: I’m still here. Mornings like that are to be treasured and felt with every ounce of our being. Unfortunately, it rarely works out like that. More…

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Are you as free as you think?

A man sits at a table. In front of him is a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of water. If he picked up the whiskey and took a drink, you might say that he “chose” the whiskey over the water. But inside that man is a very different story. As an alcoholic, there was no choice for this man…

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