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Why your life seems ordinary

One of the biggest traps we fall in to is measuring ourselves by what other people do and think. It’s so hard not to do. Social media is constantly flaunting the best of other people’s lives while taunting us with temptation to do the same. Of course, it’s not a bad thing to share your life with others. But when…

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What’s your idle?

No, not your Idol – although it may be that, too. But what’s your idle? Each day naturally gives us idle moments. How do you spend them? What activities do you thoughtlessly gravitate toward doing when an idle moment hits? What’s your idle? Just like driving in stop-n-go traffic, we can easily spend a good portion of the course of…

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Francis’ Cup O’ Tea

An argument rages in the living room. Passions and tempers are high. An elderly man sits calmly in the corner, patiently listening to the tense debate. The issue is one of deepest concern to him. The argument is one he’s repeatedly participated in throughout his long life. But he knows that what is needed most right now is not, in…

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It’s My Fault

Being a father is a radical responsibility. One that’s been neutered of its uniqueness and weight and reduced to a mere luxury of the human economy. Well, we may have produced an economy of hard working men (and women), but we’ve also enabled a generation of slacker dads. Even the “good dads” are slackers. And I’m intent on not being…

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