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The first skirmish

I love sleeping in. There’s something beautiful and peaceful about waking up slowly. The natural light and sounds of the morning gently tugging on my consciousness as I gradually reawaken to that warm realization: I’m still here. Mornings like that are to be treasured and felt with every ounce of our being. Unfortunately, it rarely works out like that. More…

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Are you as free as you think?

A man sits at a table. In front of him is a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of water. If he picked up the whiskey and took a drink, you might say that he “chose” the whiskey over the water. But inside that man is a very different story. As an alcoholic, there was no choice for this man…

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Proving God exists

We could talk about philosophical “proofs” for the existence of God (of which there are many good ones). Or we could study the overwhelming evidence and logic that Jesus Christ was a real, historical person who is who he claimed to be (i.e. God). Or the scientific evidence for miracles. Or the compelling lives of the Saints. Or the surprising…

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The Radical Life is Not

In an age marked by so-called religious “radicals” who use violence in the name of God, it’s important that nobody misunderstands me when I talk about The Radical Life. The Radical Life is not violent. Let’s be clear. There is nothing really all that radical about using violence and fear to achieve an end. It’s completely unoriginal. The oldest and cheapest…

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