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How to deal with darkness

We often chase darkness around our lives as if it were a something. We try to chip away at it like it’s a boulder. But it’s not a boulder, it’s a hole. And chipping away at holes is no way to get rid of them.

Instead, think of the sin and darkness in your life as a hole – something to be filled up, not forced out.

If you are tempted at something sinful, don’t just wrestle with the temptation, but befriend its replacement. Fall in love with the light that fills that dark hole in your life.

For instance, if you struggle with pride, fall in love with humility. If you struggle with always being right, explore the wonders and freedom of admitting you’re wrong. If you struggle with lust, learn to value self-control and the dignity of others.

If you struggle with envy, embrace admiration. Angry? Binge on forgiveness. Selfish? Commit to serving others.

If there is a person you find hard to love, don’t get hung up on trying to look past their flaws. Rather, seek out their goodness. Do that, and suddenly you won’t notice their flaws so much.

Light is the only thing that can destroy darkness. Don’t run blindly around your dark room trying to scoop up darkness and set it outside. It’s a futile effort. Instead, turn on the light.

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