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That annoying, really hurtful person in your life

The person driving the car that just cut you off. The annoying woman taking for-ever in front of you in the checkout lane. The drive-thru worker who just messed up your order…again.

The friend who is totally oblivious to your pain. The parent who just doesn’t get it. The family member who seems deliberately insensitive to others. The co-worker who enjoys being rude to you.

The person who obnoxiously loves the politician you despise. The Facebook friend who stands against absolutely everything you believe in. The group doing everything to stop what you love most.

The unsolicited caller who just wasted 30 seconds of your life. The weird neighbor. The bully. The gal who appears to have everything going for her.

The person you love the least. The person you look up to the most. The person who continually lets you down…big.

They are all fighting a great battle.

It’s probably a quiet, hidden battle that you’ll never fully understand or perhaps ever know about. Their cry for help manifests itself as selfishness or closed-mindedness. As anger, defensiveness, ignorance, pride, aloofness, insecurity, rudeness, disinterest or malice.

Let all of that remind you that they are fighting a great battle. Be kind.

“Be kind to everyone you meet, for every person is fighting a great battle.” – St.Ephraim

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